Should I take multivitamins regularly?

Should I take multivitamins regularly
Should I take multivitamins regularly

It will not do anything that is advantageous for health – when not having some medical condition & deficient, it can make many conditions worse.


The dishonorable article about that was written by a new scientist and it’s called “The Antioxidant Myth: A Medical Fairy Tale”. It summarized the negative effects of the most typically used vitamins:


Should I take multivitamins regularly-Beta-Carotene

“The trial was thought to run for up to 6 years, yet the scientists have dragged the plug 2/3 of the way over after learning that people who take supplements and multivitamins were advancing worse compared to those who don’t. Their lung cancer rate was 28% higher as well as the total death rate climbed up to 17%”.

Vitamin E:

Used to avert cardiovascular diseases, the in-depth study was prepared through vitamin E defense of LDL in contradiction of oxidation was learned not a sole development in the non-deficient people. Moreover, the opposing response was noticed: “”Vitamin E is not an antioxidant. In fact it must be protected against oxidation”, Angelo Azzi said. He is a biochemist from Tufts University in Boston. This is an evolution and we can’t bypass and simplify the structure as well as the synergy of the antioxidants that can be obtained through diet. Edgar Miller of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions located in Baltimore took another step, creating a contentious headline that summed up the fallouts of 19 distinct trials: “”high doses of vitamin E increase overall mortality” (Annals of Internal Medicine, vol. 142, p 37)

vitamin C

Similar story is with vitamin C. There are no real effects except when you begin with deficient people. Some tests indicated that vitamin C could actually hasten the atherosclerosis in the case of patients with diabetes. It does not help actually with common cold.


The outcomes are quite mixed. Polyphenols were the most researched group of compounds in most epidemiological studies. It is a huge group of phytotherapeuticals, yet with a major flow – whilst they are acting as antioxidants in the vitro, they come with very low bioavailability & they get often devastated by the digestive enzymes. Resveratrol got destroyed at a rate of 95% prior they are able to enter the body. But, there are compounds such as the polysaccharides from the medicinal mushrooms, ginsenosoided that exert robust immological influence.


My personal view is that the multivitamins are the worst products that you could buy. Low quality forms the agents and fillers. In terms of the studies, there are some strong indications in which the consumption of the multivitamins that could be related with unhealthy lifestyle links with advanced mortality rates, rises cell apoptosis among cancer patients and generally, it doesn’t exert a statistically substantial protection: “There were 2 huge trials (n = 27 658) stated minor cancer occurrence in men who take multivitamins for over ten years. The study involved women who showed no effects in this group. Quality studies (k = 24; n = 324 653) of both single & paired nutrients were slight and diverse and presented no pure indication of benefit or injury. Neither beta-carotene nor Vitamin E prevented CVD or cancer, nor beta-carotene increased lung cancer risk in smokers”. Any benefits that can be obtained from taking multivitamins are association and never causality.

Despite what I have said, there are minerals and vitamins that use some advantages to our general health, hormonal system or focus.

In terms of food, similar antioxidants exert robust protection from the oxidative stress and diets that are rich in vitamin C and E, polyphenols and carotenoids were less prone to experience any chronic diseases. In food, similar vitamins are bounded to fibrous structure but in the stomach & colon, they begin to neutralize the reactive radicals (which are naturally produced by gastrointestinal tract processes). In case of vitro, the antioxidants are dragged outside of the context.


The formula is easy – just think of what should be avoided on what you should eat. You could never fix more than what you could prevent:

  1. a) Eat foods that are rich in flavonoids such as the Mediterranean diet. You should get started in eating more fish and good fats, walnuts, legumes, avocados, soybeans, canola, flaxseeds, olive oil, and chia seeds, walnut, fortified eggs, and flaxseed oil. You can drink red wine moderately and tea every morning, you can also enjoy some fruits like blueberries & colored fruit. Also, you eat more vegetables such as leafy greens like spinach, onions and tomatoes. According to studies, flavonoids and carotenoids slows down the mental decline and it can actually make a person and the brain be five years younger, hence, be sure that you eat them each day as carbs supplementary to proteins.
  2. b) Evading all of the processed foods, simple sugars and glucose-fructose syrup or anything which triggers inflammation or stress. Inflammation is key here.
  3. c) Replace multivitamins that have herbs (extracts) & medicinal mushrooms (ferments). In spite are many of the herbal extracts that are comparatively unproductive, some are. Adaptogens are among them. Panax ginseng, when you get this in its ferment form and have fun with it regularly and contrary to the usual doses – from one 2g might help prevent most types of cancers. But, you should keep in mind that each extract or ferment should be standardized to some amount of the active ingredients. For instance, a high fraction of Rg3 & Rh2 ginsenoide within the preliminary studies, those compounds were found to assert compound neuroprotection from cerebral ischemia damages & reticence of cancers propagation. Rg3 & Rh2, which are naturally present in the red ginseng, encourage apoptosis through unswervingly stimulating the mitochondrial paths. Additionally, polysaccharides are otherwise present in mushrooms, and they pose a few of the best immunological properties, taking advantage of Panax every day might lessen the overall cancer risk by surprisingly 50%. Polysaccharides that come from the mushrooms are stronger and more efficient immunity enhancers compared to some other multivitamins that you could buy.
  4. d) Avoid any popular tumor triggers such as radiation, alcohol, fatness, sunshine, and tobacco including different cancer-causing materials like benzenes and aflatoxines. In truth, in many cases of DNK damage can’t be mended by using antioxidants.