What you actually don’t know about Diabetes

Diabetes symptoms and Diabetes Treatment

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Diabetes usually referred to by medical experts as Diabetes Mellitus describes group of particular metabolic diseases wherein individuals have high blood sugar, mainly because production of insulin is said to be inadequate or the body cells failed to respond to insulin properly or both. Patients having high blood glucose commonly experience frequent urination or polyuria, increased thirst or polydipsia and increased hunger or polyphagia.

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes symptoms and Diabetes Treatment

Early signs or symptoms of diabetes can actually be subtle or harmless but over time; you might develop Diabetes complications even if you do not have Diabetes symptoms. In US alone, 8 million individuals have undiagnosed diabetes and this was revealed by American Diabetes Association. However, you do not need to become one in the statistic. Understanding the possible symptoms of Diabetes can result to early proper diagnosis and diabetes treatment not to mention a lifetime of much better health.

The following are the common symptoms of diabetes:

Diabetes symptoms and Diabetes Treatment

  • Increased urination and Excessive Thirst

Increased urination and excessive thirst are common diabetes symptoms. If you are a diabetes sufferer, there is an excess glucose or sugar build up in the blood. Also, your kidneys are forced to work harder and overtime just to absorb the excess sugar. If the kidneys cannot keep up, excess glucose, excess sugar will be excreted in the urine dragging along the fluids from your tissues triggering frequent urination and this might lead to dehydration. And as you drink more and more fluids just to quench your thirst, you will urinate more.

  • Fatigue

Individuals with diabetes usually experience fatigue and several factors contribute into this such as dehydration due to increased urination an inability of the body to function well since this becomes less able to utilize glucose for particular energy needs.

  • Weight Loss

Fluctuations of weight fall under the umbrella of potential signs and symptoms of diabetes. When a person loses sugar due to frequent urination, he or she also loses calories. Diabetes can also stop glucose from foods from reaching the cells which result to constant hunger. Combined effect will be sudden weight loss.

  • Blurred Vision

Diabetes symptoms also include blurred vision. The high level of blood glucose pulls the fluid from the tissues which include the lenses of the eyes. This tends to affect the ability to concentrate or focus.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes symptoms and Diabetes Treatment

The primary goal of diabetes treatment is to control blood glucose level. Diabetes is a life threatening disease and you cannot really treat this on your own. Your doctor can help you design a diabetes treatment plan or can suggest a strict diabetic diet that covers the foods that you may or may not eat. There are highly suggested diabetes recipes that you can incorporate into your diet to ensure that the foods you eat are healthy and would not aggravate your condition.

Diabetes treatment actually requires keeping closer watch on the blood glucose levels with combination of exercise, medications and the right diet. With the right treatments and diabetic diet, you can minimize the unpleasant effects brought about by this health condition.