Can Lack of Exercise and Wrong Food Cause Cancer?


Many people wondered if this is true. Here are the facts that you have to know about this matter:

  • Sorry for making you disappointed. You will not get sick if you don’t exercise though exercise is actually helpful to support normal and healthy cell metabolism. Wrong foods may not or may have somewhat an influential role when it comes to cancer development in which high glucose & starch diet can trigger insulin response that alters the metabolism.
  • There are different things which can trigger cancer and cancer could be caused by harmful chemicals that are known as carcinogens. On the other hand, this can also be triggered by the so called oncoviruses.  It could be genetically triggered and that is the reason why it has the tendency to run more usually in families that are more prone to cancer. A scientist named Warburg researched the cancer metabolism nearly 100 years have passed and got the Nobel prize for this in 1931 but the elusive cure for cancer was not yet materialized.
  • After the researched carried out by Warburg, Crick/Watson spotted DNA in the cells. Geneticists were captivated by this ever since and they have discovered that a cancer suppressive gene that has been regulated by P53 gene can develop mutations and cancer will take place – Tumor Suppressor Genes. It was the so called “in” thing for decades. Yet, for the previous five to ten years, there’s a revitalization of the authentic Warburg notion that nobody must focus on the metabolic differences between the normal cells and cancer cells. It starts to show certain timid outcomes.
  • Cancer cells were found to be more acidic compared to lactic acid. They burn glucose to get energy without the need for oxygen whilst the normal cells are burning blood glucose within the aerobic way in mitochondria. This apparent difference is very important. Cancer cells were discovered to be more prone to be destroyed by some manipulations.
  • It is advisable to take the cryoablation therapy which is suitable for prostate cancer. Cryosurgery is also good for prostate cancer. Cancer cells that are more vulnerable will be preferentially destroyed compared to normal cells on the localized deep freeze tactic. One great example is the phototherapy treatment for cancer which is used in dealing with esophageal and lung cancers. This particular method might be more generally applicable than assumed. A photosensitized colorant will be injected and sooner, once the normal cells eliminated it, yet the damaged cancer cells still contain the dye, the laser beam will kill these cells preferentially. A specified laser wavelength which is definite for the colorant will be absorbed.
  • No one is aware which research on cancer goes on. Yet, I believe that it would be consumer driven and customers want much more effective cures and if the newest methods that offer better cures arrive, these would be moved forward whilst the previous methods are to be part of the history. I believe that Warburg would be revitalized & the new therapies would pursue to develop from it.